Plant Facility Levy Information

In their regularly scheduled December meeting, the Madison Board of Trustees voted to approve a resolution for a Ten Year $2.5 Million annual Plant Facility Levy. This action, if approved by the voters, will result in an annual increase of $1.01 million for plant facility uses replacing the current $1.486 million annual PF levy.


The PF levy that was passed in 2005 is expiring and a having a new levy in place is essential for school operations. The emphasis with the last PF levy was construction of additional classrooms to meet student growth needs. The new levy will provide needed funds for smaller construction projects but the main areas of focus will be:

1. Safety: Increase the number of and upgrading security cameras K-12, improved key options and greater control over access to buildings. Upgrading an aging bus fleet

2. Technology: Purchasing new computers, tablets, projection systems, software, wiring etc... Requests and usage of technology continues to escalate

3. Maintaining building quality: Continuing to provide proper learning environments for children is essential

4. Setting aside some funds each year to reduce costs of future bonds for new construction. In the near future we anticipate the need to build a new elementary school and expand the jr. high. Our student body has been growing about 100 students every year for over 10 years. To put that in percpective that means in 4 years we add enough students for an elementary school.

Tax Impact
(School Portion of the Tax Rate Per Thousand Dollar of Taxable Value)

The overall school district levy rate is currently $4.46/$1000 of taxable value
The overall school district levy rate will increase to 5.28/$1000 of taxable value
The overall school district levy rate in 2005 was $$6.03/$1000 of taxable value
The  overall school district levy rate in 1990 was $8.76/$1000 of taxable value

So, with an increase, the levy rate will still be lower than it was in 2005 and significantly lower than in 1990. The increased amount comes to roughly $ 83 dollars per year per $ 100,000 in assessed value, minus the Homeowners exemption. (The district has placed a tax calculator below so staff and patrons may input exact amounts)

Plant Facility levy money is locally raised via property taxes on a "pay as you go" basis. Unlike a bond, there is no borrowing involved or interest payments due.
Plant Facility funds MAY NOT be used for salaries or benefits.
The election will be held Tuesday, March 11, 2014.
Madison County facilitates all aspects of the election - not the school district.

Previous Plant Facility Usage
(I am very pleased with the completed PF projects)

MJHS Remodel:
Lincoln: Four Classroom Addition
Kennedy: Five Classroom Addition + Gym
Adams: Two Classroom Addition
Burton: Preschool / Classroom Addition
Hibbard: Two classroom Addition
Tech Center Acquisition and Remodel
MHS Property Acquisition
MJHS Tennis Courts
Four Modular Classrooms
Playground Upgrades
Purchases: Desks, carpet, buses, grounds vehicles, resurfaced tracks, refurbished gym floors, parking lot reseals and painting, windows, bathroom fixtures, door replacements, window replacement, etc...

Balancing building needs with potential impact on taxpayers is the topic of frequent board discussion and various scenarios and possibilities are thoughtfully deliberated. After months of presentations and discussion, I was pleased that the board considered the amounts requested by the Principals, Department Directors and teachers in their decision making and in determining the appropriate amount to request for necessary funding.

I appreciate the board in their constant efforts working to improve the educational experience for our children. 

Dr. Thomas


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